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Greening Mortimer Campaign

What’s It All About?

Supported by West Berkshire Council, who kindly subsidised its membership to the Greening Campaign main body - The Greening Campaign : Climate change community support (greening-campaign.org) (opens in new window) - Greening Mortimer began as a Stratfield Mortimer Parish Council and community-led initiative. 

Further to its launch in January 2023 and the success of Phase 1 – more details below – Greening Mortimer has now changed its name to the Greening Mortimer Campaign and runs as a group independently from the parish council. The parish council continues to support the initiative and has given it two grants, one to help with administrative costs and the other to help with the purchase of a thermal imaging camera.

By making small and simple changes to the way we live and by providing information on fighting climate change, the primary focus of the Greening Mortimer Campaign is to help individuals and the community reduce carbon footprint.

A whole host of other information is available from the Energy Savings Trust website.

Greening Mortimer Campaign - Phase 1

Phase 1, which took place in January, consisted of a series of challenges designed to reduce the amount of Carbon Dioxide being released into the atmosphere.

From a choice of eight, each household in Mortimer was invited to undertake five challenges.  Participating households showed their support by displaying a Challenge Card and/or a green ribbon on their property. After two weeks, the cards were counted, and this number was submitted to the parent body who calculated an approximation of the amount of Carbon Dioxide that had been saved from being released into the atmosphere. 

The results make for interesting reading! In accepting the challenges, it is predicted that over a twelve-month period, an estimated 322 tonnes of CO2 – that is 322 hot air balloons - will be saved from being released into the atmosphere. In monetary terms the cost of energy saved by those participating in the Community amounts to a total of £186,000!

Greening Mortimer Campaign - Phase 2

Based on the success of Phase 1, Phase 2 is an exciting new programme which will begin to tackle more serious issues known as the Three Pillars. These are: Space for Nature; Health and Wellbeing in light of Climate Change, and Energy and Greener Homes.

Nature tree logo
  • Nature needs our help. Through the Greening Campaign we will be supported by Experts and learn the skills needed to change spaces in our community and make a real difference for nature.
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  • We need to reduce our energy consumption. The Sustainability Centre have partnered with the Greening Campaign to support us, bringing their Expertise to achieve this challenge.  Simple changes save money and save CO2 so this is an important Pillar that is well timed with the Energy Crisis.
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  • A different climate is already bringing challenges to keeping ourselves active and well. The high temperatures last year showed how our bodies can be affected by even a small rise. Mental Health is also affected by fears for our future.  With the support of a Health Professional, we will tackle awareness and keeping our community safe in changing times.

If you are interested in joining the Greening Mortimer Campaign Group or you would like further information, then follow the campaign on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/GreeningMortimer (opens in new window) or email greening@mortimervillage.org.uk (opens in new window)