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Community Award

The Stratfield Mortimer Community Award:  the purpose of the award is to acknowledge outstanding service to the community in Stratfield Mortimer over a period of several years.

Anyone, whether resident in Stratfield Mortimer or not, may nominate a person as a potential recipient of an award. Serving members of the Parish Council, District Council or County Council will not be eligible for nomination for their work as Councillors. The nominee need not necessarily reside within the boundaries of the administrative Parish of Stratfield Mortimer.

Nominations for the award are opened annually for a specified period.  The call for nominations is announced on the parish council's social media, noticeboards, and newsletter.  At the nomination deadline, the Awards Committee will determine the winner of the current year's award.

The presentation of an Award to the recipient(s) is made publicly at the Annual Parish Meeting, if possible, or on another occasion as the Awards Committee considers suitable.

The Awards Committee comprises of the current Chairman and Vice Chairman, together with any past Chairman still servicing on the council.  

If there are no serving past Chairmen, the longest serving member of the council (other than the Chairman and Vice Chairman) or longest serving members (if more than one with equal length of service) will form part of the Committee.

Stratfield Mortimer Community Award Recipients:

A list of community award winners since 1983 is available below.

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