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Grants to Improve Access to Physical Activity across West Berkshire

Let’s Get Active!

In June, as part of the District’s recovery from Covid-19, West Berkshire Council partnered with Greenham Trust to create the Let’s Get Active Fund (LGAF), creating a £33,660.00 fund to improve access to physical activities in West Berkshire, via proposals developed and organised by local community groups.

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Footpath work taking place at the Community Centre

Contractors will be working outside the Community Centre on the Fairground next week.  A new footpath is being installed at the entrance and around to the cricket side of the building.  This work is starting on Monday, 26th July and is scheduled for completion by the weekend.

Please take care when walking into or around the Community Centre area, especially if accompanied by children and pets, and be mindful of the workmen and machinery on site.

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Mortimer Riding Club on Fairground - Sunday, 25th July 2021

Mortimer Riding Club are due to hold a small event in the grazing area on Sunday morning (weather permitting).  Please be mindful of any vehicles, horses and riders, and please observe any safety notices in place whilst on the Fairground.  The event should finish around 1.30pm.

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Level 3 Heatwave Alert from 20th July 2021

A heatwave level 3 warning has been issued from Tuesday, 20th July to Thursday, 22nd July.  This means that temperatures are very likely to rise to levels that increase the risk of ill health among vulnerable people.

The Met Office, in conjunction with Public Health England, is issuing the following heatwave warning for our area:

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One Year Since WBC Launched its Environment Strategy

A year ago, West Berkshire Council published its Environment Strategy ( outlining the steps to work towards a target of carbon neutrality by 2030.

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