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Greening Mortimer

What’s It All About?

Supported by West Berkshire Council who kindly subsidised our membership, the Greening Campaign is a Stratfield Mortimer Parish Council and community-led initiative. The primary focus of the Greening Campaign is to help us, as individuals and a community, to reduce our daily carbon footprint by making small and simple changes to the way we live.  And that’s it!

Working together as a community makes it fun and easier for everyone and every small and simple change we make will save us money and reduce the amount of carbon dioxide we release into the atmosphere:

For instance, did you know installing a low flow showerhead (4 people) saves 345 CO2 KG a year from being released into the atmosphere? That is a lot of gas and saves you £75 a year!

This and a whole host of other information is available from the Energy Savings Trust website.

Information Station

We aim to provide further information which will provide you with links to other really useful ideas on how we can fight climate change, including more ways on saving energy and so money – both really important to all of us.

What has Happened So Far?

In July we held a Public Meeting to introduce the Greening Campaign to Mortimer. At the meeting, those attending chose 8 Challenges (such as the one above) for the Community to take on.  These Challenges will be revealed to the community at the Launch event in January.

Since then, we have built a team of people from the Council and community to take us forward. Some of those team were at November's Mortimer Emporium talking about aspects of the Greening Campaign, sharing what has happened to date and taking an initial look at what we can all do together to protect and make our environment an even better place.

If you would like to learn more or join the team, please contact us by emailing greeningmortimer@stratfield-mortimer.gov.uk 

What Happens Next?

Save the date! The official Launch will be taking place on Saturday the 14th of January 2023. 

This will be a fun event to bring the village together to be entertained, learn more, and take up the Challenge.  Local groups and organisations will be giving short entertaining performances to dramatise each of the eight chosen challenges.  After the launch each household will receive a card listing the 8 challenges and then select 5 of the challenges to take on.  Households participating will display the Challenge Card in their window.  These cards will be counted by the organising team, and the number submitted to the Greening Campaign who will calculate an approximation of the amount of Carbon Dioxide we, as a community, will prevent being released into the atmosphere.  You will surprised at the difference we really can make by making small, positive changes to the way we live.

Also, At the Launch

We plan to have a Community Experience Exchange where you can meet with people who live in Mortimer who have already experienced embracing alternative, greener technologies and share their experiences from which we can all learn and feel more confident about what is right for us individually.  If you have experiences you would be happy to share, please do email greeningmortimer@stratfield-mortimer.gov.uk  

We also plan to have stalls for local businesses who support the Campaign and can provide relevant products/services to help us tackle climate change. 

And After That?

This is Phase 1.  If we, as a community, have the appetite and the momentum we can move to Phase 2 through which we work together to protect our local environment, retrofit our homes, and support human health.  From this we will have the building blocks for a sustainable community.

And Then?

If the momentum continues, we can go on to make a vision for our sustainable community.  Understand the impacts that risk health, biodiversity, the safety of our homes (flooding, heat stress), reduce waste, plan to always be food secure, and much more.  Find out our community strengths and weaknesses.  Then choose how to act together to build a safe future.


Enquiries at greeningmortimer@stratfield-mortimer.gov.uk