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Results of The Consultation

In late January and early February 2020, Stratfield Mortimer Parish Council held a public consultation (via an exhibition and a survey in parish council newsletter and online) regarding several possible projects which the Parish Council could undertake using CIL (Community Infrastructure Levy).

The consultation was a significant success with 529 surveys completed (249 on paper and 280 online). As well as giving their opinion on the proposed projects, respondents submitted their own ideas for future projects.

Three projects have sufficient support in order for SMPC to move forward on now; others may need rethinking and looking at again in a different format in the future.

The three projects are:

Project Result
Pavement widening down The Street 74% in favour
(521 responses)
SMPC owning and running the Library building 81% in favour
(514 responses)
Footpath/cycleway between Mortimer & Burghfield 72% in favour
(513 responses)

You can see all the results on the survey results page (opens in new window).

Additional comments/project suggestions were made and these can be downloaded as a spreadsheet (pdf opens in new window) or as a pdf document (pdf opens in new window).  The filters on the spreadsheet version can be used to sort the information into categories.

With many thanks to everyone who took part and gave us their feedback, comments and additional ideas. If you put yourself forward as a library trustee, we will be touch shortly.