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The team of people who keep the Council running are:


Graham Bridgman (Vice Chairman)

David Butler (Councillor)

Nick Carter (Councillor)

Mike Dennett (Councillor)

Heath Geary (Councillor)

Stephen Hill (Councillor)

Hugh Kilshaw (Councillor)

David Kilshaw (Councillor)

Mollie Lock (Councillor)

Amanda Marsden (Councillor)

Danusia Morsley (Chairman)

Andrew Noonan (Councillor)

Andrew Richardson (Councillor)

Michael Shaw (Councillor)

John Wells (Councillor)


Lynn Hannawin (Clerk)

Frank Stansfield (Village Custodian)

Sallyann Taylor (Assistant to the Clerk)

Councillors can be contacted via the details provided below their names.

All Councillors have completed the Stratfield Mortimer Parish Council Register of Members Interest Form (ROI) (pdf opens in new window).  

A record of Councillors attendance at Parish Council meetings can be found here.



The following represent the Council at the respective groups:

Parish Council Representatives

Stratfield Mortimer Fairground Trust

Cllr Danusia Morsley (until October 2025)

Mr Neil Kiley (until October 2026)

Clarke’s Education Foundation

Cllr Nick Carter (until October 2026)

Relief in Need Charity

Cllr Mollie Lock

Other Representatives

AWE Local Liaison Committee

Cllr Graham Bridgman

Burghfield & Mortimer Neighbourhood Action Group

Cllr Graham Bridgman

Cllr John Wells

Burghfield & Mortimer Volunteer Bureau

Cllr Andy Noonan

St John's Hall Management Committee

Cllr Michael Shaw

Willink Recreation Joint Advisory Committee

to be advised

Wokefield Common Advisory Committee

Cllr Mollie Lock

Cllr. Michael Shaw