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Criminal Damage Remedial Works

UPDATE: Further to the information below, the contractors have used a different technique for the remedial works which means the Swing Dome should be back in action this afternoon.

The remedial works to the Swing Dome's damaged surface is being undertaken today. The cost of these works is £1,400.00. Again, the new surface will need 24 hours before it can be used, and the Heras fencing will remain in place until the contractors return to remove it tomorrow.

If you are in the vicinity, please be vigilant and look out for individuals within the fenced off area of the Swing Dome who should not be there. If you see anything suspicious, please call the Parish Council office on 0118 9331955 - out of hours calls go through to a mobile phone which will be being monitored. Whilst in progress, non-emergency criminal acts should be reported directly to the police on 101.