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Big Community Switch is back!

Helping residents to see if they can save on energy bills

The Big Community Switch is back, offering an opportunity for households to save on their energy bills by securing competitive tariffs with trusted energy suppliers. 

Many households are frustrated with the high energy costs and have struggled over the last 18 months and can look for better deals through Big Community Switch.

What is the Big Community Switch? It’s a collective effort where community members come together to leverage their collective power to negotiate better energy deals with suppliers. The auction will be facilitated by iChoosr: an independent expert in group-buying.

In addition to financial benefits, the Big Community Switch also aligns with West Berkshire’s shared commitment to the environment. By joining the auction, you contribute to the demand for clean energy and help drive transition to a more sustainable future.

Taking part in the West Berkshire Energy Switch is free, and there is no obligation to switch to the winning supplier once you receive your personal offer.

Please note the deadline of 31 July for residents to register and accept offers.

Read more and find out how to register here: https://www.westberks.gov.uk/communityswitch (opens in new window)