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Kennet Flyball Club Event on Fairground this Weekend

The Kennet Flyball Club will be holding an event on the Fairground this coming weekend – 21st and 22nd May. 

What is flyball you may ask?  Flyball is a fast and furious team sport for dogs, in which teams of four (plus up to two reserves) compete in a relay race over four hurdles to retrieve a ball from a spring loaded box and return back over the hurdles to the start line. The first team to get all four dogs to retrieve the ball and return without a foul wins that heat. The race is won by the first team to win best of five heats.

Club members will be camping on part of the grazing area over the next few days and will be setting up the racecourse over Friday, 20th May.

Residents are welcome to come along as spectators but are asked to please keep their dogs on a lead and off the racecourse.

More information about the Club is available here: https://kennetflyballclub.co.uk/ (opens in new window)