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Bids for Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) Funds now live

West Berkshire Council have announced that a third round of grants for local infrastructure projects is now open.

Since 2021, a million and a half pounds of Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) money has been put aside to go towards community projects. Communities can bid for some of this income to benefit their area.  To date, almost £1 million has been approved in community grants ranging from £10k to £100k. Successful bids included the renovation of village halls, scout huts and improvements to sports and playground facilities.

West Berkshire Council is now allocating a further £500k from their budget and are inviting bids from community groups.

The bidding period for Round 3 closes at 5pm on Monday, 14 November. 

For more information and to complete a bidding form visit:  https://www.westberks.gov.uk/cilbidding (opens in new window)