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Stratfield Mortimer Sewage Works Update

Discharges from the sewage works into Foudry Brook were discussed at the Annual Parish Meeting last April.

Recently, there has been a long period of discharge which started on 19th December and finished around 26th January. That was followed by a discharge of 13 hours on 28th / 29th January.

The parish council is pleased to report the following statement from the Thames Water Website: Information about specific sites | EDM | Thames Water (opens in new window)

The text reads:

“Some of our sewage treatment works (STW) have been discharging for long periods in recent weeks. We want to let you know our investment plans for these sites. Please be aware that not all these plans have been finalised. Details, including timescales, may change.”

There is then a list of nine sites which includes Mortimer STW:

“An upgrade is planned for Mortimer STW. This will include an increase in treatment capacity, so will reduce the need for untreated discharges. The £1m project is expected to be complete by December 2023. The date may change as the scheme progresses.” 

For information the list also includes Burghfield STW.

The parish council will be in contact with Thames Water for more detail.