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Adopted Neighbourhood Development Plan (June 2017)
The adpoted plan is available here.

Neighbourhood Development Plan (November 2016)
The examiner’s report on this plan has been received by West Berkshire Council.

 Summary of Main Findings
1. Whilst the draft NDP is in general conformity with the strategic policies of the development plan, I find that potential landscape and visual impacts have not been considered properly when promoting The Site (the land to the south of St John’s Infants School) for development. Having regard to national policy, which gives importance to environmental as well as to economic and social considerations, I am not satisfied that the making of the NDP is appropriate nor that it would as a whole contribute to the achievement of sustainable development. My recommendation must therefore be that the proposal to make the NDP be refused.

2. But for this issue of site selection (which is, however, a central part of the draft NDP), I would have recommended that the draft Plan be submitted to referendum with modifications (set out below). I also find that the legislative requirements have otherwise been met.”

The examiner’s report is a recommendation to West Berkshire Council who normally have a period of five weeks to make a decision.

The Parish Council discussed the situation with West Berkshire Council. At its full council meeting on 10th November, the Parish Council passed a resolution” requesting WBC to make a decision on the Examiner's report by 1st May 2017, to allow time for full consideration of the recommendations and issues raised in the report”.

Having now received West Berkshire Council’s response, we are in position to issue this statement. WBC have accepted this request and will therefore make a decision as to whether or not to accept the examiner’s recommendation by 1st May 2017.

This will allow the Parish Council and the NDP group time to actively consider the Inspector’s report and provide West Berkshire District Council an informed response to;
· The issue of landscape raised by the Inspector and
· Detailed responses to each of the suggested modifications that the Inspector suggests he would have asked for if he was recommending the plan for referendum.

What happens now:
· SMPC will review suggested modifications to the report and return comments to WBC for consideration.
· In this process only points / suggestions relating to those raised by the Examiner can be considered.
· WBC will consider any recommendations and decide what action to take. This is the responsibility of WBC and not SMPC.

The examiner’s report will soon be available on the West Berkshire website or an individual copy can be obtained from Rachael.Lancaster@westberks.gov.uk

 The NDP has now been approved by the Parish Council and submitted to West Berkshire Council

who have opened it for consultation.  The WBC consultation on the Stratfield Mortimer NDP runs from 4th March 2016 to 15th April 2016 and can be accessed via the
WBC website
The presubmission consulation that ended just before Christmas produced many valuable ideas and the NDP was modified where appropriate.  For the current version please visit the Mortimer NDP website.  When the consultation period is over,the plan will be considered by an external examiner.  If their report is satisfactory WBC will decide whether they can accept the report.  If so, they will organise a referendum in the Parish which decides whether the NDP should be adopted as part of planning policy.  This will probably be in September 2016.

Have you done yours yet?  Any person over 16 living or working the Mortimer can complete one and we need your views CLOSING DATE 22 MAY 2015

It can be completed on line by clicking here.

If you wish to obtain another paper copy please phone the helpline on
07435 301319 or visit the Mortimer NDP website

A paper copy of this has been delivered to every house and business in the Parish. The questionnaire is open to everyone over 16 resident or employed in Mortimer, so members of a household or business can each complete their own  questionnaire. It is not restricted to one per household.
It can be completed on line by clicking here.

If you wish to obtain another paper copy please phone the helpline on
07435 301319 or visit the Mortimer NDP website


From  14th February 2015 there will be a series of events for everyone in the village to see how the NDP is progressing, discuss their views and input their ideas. Some sessions will focus on particular topics, others will be more general. Exhibitions and Presentations will be at the Old Budgens Shop, Victoria Road - more information and times of events here

Link to NDP Website http://www.mortimer-ndp.org.uk/

Stratfield Mortimer Neighbourhood Development Plan
 Results of the Exhibition on 6th July 2014 are here.

See how the various ideas were ranked by you and what comments were made.  Thank you for your participation.

The Next Stage - Exhibition Sunday 6th July 2015 on The Fairground 2 to 4 pm

Please come and find out more about the Plan, give us your comments and ideas and influence the future of Mortimer!

See poster and front page of our our leaflet.

Stratfield Mortimer Parish Council has resolved to produce a Neighbourhood Development Plan (NDP).

A very well attended public meeting on the Neighbourhood Development Plan was held at St John's Hall on 20th March.  You can see the meeting report and the presentations by following the links below:
Agenda 20th March
Meeting Report and Main Presentation
Presentation on Commercial Development
Presentation on Infrastructure
Presentation on Residential Development

A public meeting on the Neighbourhood Development Plan was held at 7:30 pm on Thursday 20th March in St John's Hall.  The prior details of the meeting which were circulated throughout the Parish can be seen here.  An update on the plan (Feb 2014) is here.

One important aspect of an NDP is future housing development.  West Berkshire Council has recently published its Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment (SHLAA) which lists sites put forward by landowners and developers for possible development. It is important to note that these are NOT sites allocated for development.  For more information there is a short article from the latest Parish Council newsletter, a map of the sites in Mortimer and full details of the SHLAA.

The October 2013 issue of the Parish Council Newsletter had a call for local resident volunteers to work with the Parish Council.  You can read this article here.
If you have the skills and time to help us it is still possible to volunteer, so please contact the Clerk at:
the.clerk@stratfield-mortimer.gov.uk or use the Parish Council Enquiry form.

You can find out more about Neighbourhood Development Plans from:
Development of a Neighbourhood Plan for Stratfield Mortimer (first published in February 2013 Newsletter).
Presentation on Neighbourhood Planning given at the Annual Parish Meeting in April 2013.
West Berkshire District Council's Neighbourhood Planning page which also has many links to other useful sites.

The Parish Council formally applied to West Berkshire District Council for the "Designation of a Neighbourhood Plan Area" last September.  WBC held the required six week period of consultation on this proposal  from 11th October to 22nd November 2013.  Please click to see the official Notice of consultation .  The Parish Council will be advised in early February whether the application has been approved.