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 Please see below a message from West Berkshire Council about the Electoral Registration Forms:

"West Berkshire Council want to thank the 44,222 households in West Berkshire that have already responded to the Electoral Registration Forms which were sent to properties several weeks ago.

This, however, means we are still waiting for replies from more than 23,000 properties. That’s more than 34% of households yet to complete their forms.

Completing the form is really important, and a legal requirement. The purpose of the form is to keep the electoral register up-to-date. This is used for ensuring your entitlement to vote and credit checking.

As a council, we really need to reduce the number of paper forms that are sent back for processing, especially those that require no changes to be made.

To help us save money on unnecessary reminders, please use one of the automated response methods before 27th September. Choose which method suits your circumstances from the options on the form.

It is really easy to reply online, by telephone or via text and takes just a few moments of your time.

If we don’t receive your reply, we are legally bound to send you at least one reminder.

Please help us keep costs down and respond as soon as possible.

If you have any queries, please call the helpline number on: 01635 519464 or email: electoralservices@westberks.gov.uk"



 Finance and General Purposes on Tuesday 4th September at 7:30pm in the Parish Office (behind Mortimer Library), 27 Victoria Road, Mortimer. RG7 3SH.

Roads, Footpaths and Commons on Tuesday, 11th September at 7:30pm in the Parish Office (behind Mortimer Library), 27 Victoria Road, Mortimer. RG7 3SH. 

Planning Committee on Thursday, 13th September at 6:45pm in the Methodist Church Hall, 17 West End Road, Mortimer, RG7 3TB.

Full Council Meeting on Thursday, 13th September at 7:30pm in the Methodist Church Hall, 17 West End Road, Mortimer, RG7 3TB.

Members of the public and press are welcome to attend.



We have been informed that in order to move safely about the site, and carry out construction of the 17 new houses at the Tower House site just behind the Horse & Groom, T A Fisher are setting up a temporary compound to the immediate south of the current building work. This is with the agreement of The Englefield Estate. The temporary compound will enable building contractors to park off the main road (The Street) and away from the public car parks.

This temporary compound is NOT connected with any development on the MOR006 site and is not to be seen as commencement of that development.

A plan is attached showing the location.



Further to planting the Malus (Crab Apple) tree to commemorate the Queen’s 90th birthday in 2016, a bronze memorial plaque has now been installed beside the young tree in front of Heath End pond next to war memorial.



The Parish Council was approached recently by Plastic Free Mortimer, one of a growing number of nationwide groups aiming to encourage local residents and businesses to dispose of plastic waste responsibly and remove the amount of "single use" plastic used. 

Andrea Kim of Plastic Free Mortimer spoke and took questions at the recent Full Council meeting on July 12th.

Afterwards the council unanimously passed a resolution of support, in which it was agreed to:

  • lead by example and where possible reduce its own use of single use plastics 
  • Support plastic free initiatives and encourage West Berkshire Council to improve recycling facilities.
  • Nominate a Parish Councillor as a named representative on the Plastic Free Mortimer Group, who will attend at least one Plastic Free Mortimer meeting a year.
Councillor Nick Carter, a keen recycler and environmentalist, was duly nominated as the Parish Councillor representative.


The Accounts and Audit Regulations 2015 (SI 2015 No.234) require that The Notice of Electors Rights to Inspect the Annual Accounts for 2016-17 should be publicised on the Parish Council Website and can be found below, along with Sections 26 and 27 of the Local Audit and Accountability Act 2014:

Notice of Electors Rights - 2016.2017 and Local Audit & Accountability Act 2014

Section 1 - Annual Governance Statement 2017/18

Section 2 - Accounting Statements 2017/18 and Unaudited Declaration


Last autumn we held a productive meeting with people interested in local sport and active leisure, after which the Council engaged consultants to assist us take matters forward. Their brief was to conduct a feasibility study, to coordinate ideas on how we could further develop the provision of facilities in Mortimer and to provide the national sports governing body and West Berkshire perspective. We now have the report and we are arranging to discuss the suggestions with those who contributed their ideas.

We should note that Mortimer is rated as being relatively healthy and relatively well served with sport and leisure facilities. West Berkshire Council regard Willink as being the main local provision, and national sports governing bodies do not see a ‘strategic need’ for new or improved facilities for Mortimer. But that shouldn't deter us from developing initiatives locally.

These further discussions will be starting soon and, in the meantime, improvements for tennis courts access and mobile lighting, to extend the use of existing facilities into the darker evenings, are in hand.


The Parish Council has engaged Berkshire Youth, a charity, to help them find out what the young people think of the facilities that are provided in the village and what they would like to see improved. Berkshire Youth are carrying out sessions at St Mary’s, Willink and in the village to gather this information. They will then write a report for the Parish Council to consider. It is intended that the report is delivered by the beginning of May. The cost of this will be some £2,500.

If you would like any more information, please contact The Clerk on 0118 933 1955 or via email the.clerk@stratfield-mortimer.gov.uk


Conserving and Enhancing Our Biodiversity

As part of the Mortimer NDP Community Projects programme a new endeavour, the Biodiversity and Green Spaces (BaGS) project, is seeking to add to the richness and enjoyment of the natural green spaces.

Making the best use of the natural areas in and around the village its aims are to:-

  • Keep and improve what we have

  • Increase the diversity of wild life and plants on these areas.

Over the next months there will be a number of practical ways you can get involved with some projects particularly aimed at involving children.

To make sure you know about these, please contact us by emailing:


One of these early initiatives is to

  • Prepare a plan to develop a natural habitat on the 3 ha of Green Space at the southern and eastern edges of the new development behind St John’s School and the Horse and Groom, and at the same time,

  • Update the ‘Fairground Ecological Survey and Conservation Plan (2008)’.

Your suggestions, contributions and involvement with BaGS will all be welcomed - please email Mortimerbags@outlook.com. 


A further updated version of the SDB for The Site MOR006 can be found here. In particular, changes have been made with regards to Lifetime Homes (LTH), ecology and drainage in accordance with the policies and objectives of the NDP.

The webpage will continue to be updated as necessary.