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The next Full Council meeting is at 7:30 pm on Thursday 13th April in the Methodist Church.  The next committee meetings are Planning Committee at 6 pm on Tuesday 28th March and Communications Committee at 7:30 pm on Thursday 30th March both in the Parish Office.

Annual Parish Meeting 
This meeting will be in St John's Hall on Wednesday 26th April 2017 from 7 pm.  The agenda will be posted in early April.  If village organisations / societies /charities would like to have a table/ display to inform the public of their activities please contact the administrative assistant by email to  admin@stratfield-mortimer.gov.uk or phone 0118 9331955.

Administrative Assistant 
The Council are pleased to welcome Lynn Hannawin to this post.  Lynn will be in the Parish Office om Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays from 9:30 am to 3 pm.

SMPC's  recommendation papers to West Berkshire Council on proceeding with the Mortimer NDP

The Stratfield Mortimer NDP Steering Group are recommending under Agenda Item 17/582 to Full Council on Thursday 9th February 2017 that the NDP is proceeded with, following receipt of a Landscape Study and amendments to the NDP documentation in line with the Examiners recommendations. The full papers are here.

Consultation on The Local Government Boundary Commission for England electoral review of West Berkshire's Warding arrangements

The LGBC have formally commenced with their electoral review of the West Berkshire: Warding arrangements with a 10 week public consultation closing on 3rd April 2017 and full details can be found  here.

Clarification of NDP and Planning Issues (2oth January 2017)
A statement clarifying the situation on the current issues in the village is available here.
To improve communication, important decisions taken at meetings will posted on this page along with supporting information.   

a) Update on NDP

The Parish Council agreed to all the minor modifications to the plan that were suggested by the Inspector. The vast majority of the changes were just for clarity or to correct typos. There were a few that were of more significance such as the deletion of several areas that the plan had designated as ‘Green Spaces’, because they already have protection, and the wording of the policy to restrict the likelihood of flooding, which strengthens and clarifies the policy. On reflection their acceptance does not cause any practical difficulties.
All the minor modifications will only become relevant if WBC decide to proceed to a referendum. To that end the Inspector’s reasons for his recommendation not to progress the NDP to referendum will be considered at a future Parish Council meeting, after WBC has reported the results of the landscape assessment they have commissioned. That meeting will then be asked to consider if the new information, together with other factors, are sufficient to overcome the Inspector’s concerns. If it is believed that they are sufficient then those views will be sent to WBC. This would then inform their decision as to whether to accept the Inspector’s recommendation not to proceed to a referendum.

b) Planning Appeal for 50 Houses Monkey Puzzle Field
A motion was passed to inform the Planning Inspector that our original objections remain valid and that the Council wishes to speak/ give evidence at the public enquiry.  The motion was that given in the background paper with some additions which will be detailed in the minutes.
c) SMPC Budget for 2017/18
The draft budget which includes an increase of £12.49 per Band D property in the 2017/18 Parish component of Council Tax was approved by the Council.  This increase is part of a strategy to enable the Council to invest in community projects and activities as detailed in the background paper.

A series of FAQs on the NDP are available here (December 2016).