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Resurfacing of the Car Park 

This is now complete and the next steps will be the repair and cleaning up of the barrier and gates around the car park.


There have been questions about white-lining of car spaces in the Car Park, but, after seeking advice, it was decided not to do so as it was considered to be a possible limitation on the flexibility of the car park. If white-lining is found to be necessary at a future date, then there is nothing to stop action being taken then.

Next Committee Meeting(s)  

The next meeting is as follows:

  • Planning on Tuesday 21st November at 5.15pm. This is being held in the Parish Council Office, 27 Victoria Road (behind Mortimer Library), Mortimer, RG7 3SH.

Members of the public and press are welcome to attend all meetings.

Sport and Active Leisure Project

The Neighbourhood Development Plan identified a project aiming to introduce more sport and active leisure facilities into the village.

Earlier on in October a group of interested parties, representing several aspects of village life, came together to discuss both the sport and active leisure resources already in the Parish and to identify other facilities that would enhance sport and active leisure in the village.

Although this is seen as a long term project, one of the immediate benefits of the meeting was the identification of funds that might be available through the West Berkshire Member’s Bids. Through this scheme District Councillors can submit bids for capital expenditure for community projects up to the value of £5000. In the days following the meeting, a positive flurry of activity and a promise of match funding by the Parish Council, saw bids being submitted for two types of capital expenditure 1) the installation of an electronic entry system for the tennis courts/all weather-playing area, which would allow the courts to be used for a wider variety of activities, and 2) two mobile floodlights which would help outdoor activities to go on throughout the winter.

Hopefully the Member’s Bids will be successful – watch this space – but, in the meantime, the Parish Council has engaged the services of a Consultant to work on the initial steps required for the longer term project. 

Site Design Brief (SDB) for MOR006  

A further updated version of the SDB for The Site MOR006 can be found here. In particular, changes have been made with regards to Lifetime Homes (LTH), ecology and drainage in accordance with the policies and objectives of the NDP.

The webpage will continue to be updated as necessary.

Community Projects 

As a result of the work being done by the NDP Community Projects Committee a number of projects have now been identified that need to be moved on. In the Full Council meeting held on the 14th September, it was agreed to allocate a fresh budget line to the NDP Community Projects budget for professional outside help to advise and assist with these community projects.

A fresh project that is being considered is a Bio-Diversity and Green Spaces Project for the community and its scoping document was approved by Full Council to proceed. Further information on the Bio-Diversity and Green Spaces Project can be found here.

Latest Newsletters 

The Autumn 2017 Newsletter has now been delivered to properties in the Parish. Further hard copies can be obtained from the Parish Council Office and Mortimer Library or an electronic version can be found here

A copy of the Special NDP Projects Newsletter, which was delivered back in September, can be found here